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PIGALLE 0.76-alpha - Overview
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56 pictures
Saturday Ride @ Chasseral 07/30/2004

Enjoying the happy trails of Mont Chasseral...
SaturdayRide_Chasseral.zip [67mb] - 3264x2448

443 pictures
WK 2004 Obergösgen 07/14/2004-07/27/2004

Voilà, all die pics aus unserem Ferienlager. Battaillöre sind z'vielte i dä Täz!
WK2004_Obergoesgen.zip [541mb] - 3264x2448

162 pictures
Saturday Ride @ Walensee 07/02/2004

What a ride...!
SaturdayRide_Walensee.zip [132mb] - 3264x2448
SaturdayRide_Walensee_Matthias.zip [41mb] - 2304x1728
SaturdayRide_Walensee_Dominic.zip [36mb] - 1536x2048

131 pictures
Zürifäscht '04 07/02/2004

Potz Zweituusig! Das isch tüüüüüüür gsii! Potz Zwirbelfurz und Dunnerknall!
Here you'll probably find the most wonderful pics of Zürifäscht 2004. Copyright by Pipo
Zuerifaescht_2004.zip [245mb] - 3264x2448

146 pictures
Friday night on Lägern 06/23/2004

Some people go drinking on a friday night. Others go biking on the Lägern.
Some people are weird. Others are even weirder...
Laegern_2004.zip [269mb] - 3264x2448

42 pictures
Bodyflying 06/01/2004

Let's go flying! We scratched the sky in Airodium - www.bodyflying.ch.
Pictures shot by our wonderful fotographer Malenita (Thx!!).
Bodyflying.zip [49mb] - 2592x1944

45 pictures
Sechsiläuten-Grill 2004 04/17/2004

Dä Bögg dä brennt, dä Hanf-Ueli rännt!
6Laeuten_2004.zip [84mb] - 3264x2448

30 pictures
Wok-Mampf Cornelia 04/16/2004

Wok Wok Mampf Mampf!
Cornelia cooked us a wonderful wok sea food meal. The two Barbabaaa's enjoyed the evening with us, they didn't stop smiling.
After noticing that swung egg white doesn't get us whipped cream, Mäxn's cake was finally ready. Well, it was not quite a cake...
"Kurze Pause
Muss mich bücken
Für zuhause
Blumen pflücken"
CorneliaWok_2004.zip [36mb] - 2592x1944

62 pictures
Da Stone @Monte Tiggelmann 04/15/2004

There's a stone, a lonely stone on top of world famous Monte Tiggelmann in Irchel park. That stone's no longer lonely. Guido and Peter prepared that lovely jump. Well, not bad. - Have a look at Da Stone Jump Session I...
DaStone_2004.zip [105mb] - 3264x2448

10 pictures
EasterSwimming 04/11/2004

This year's first swim in the Limmat. The water was about 5°C, too cold to take pictures of it. At least we took some pictures of out suncream. Nowadays you really have to watch out not to get a sunburn!
EasterSwimming_2004.zip [13mb] - 2592x1944

63 pictures
BirthdayFondue 2004 03/13/2004

Another Purzzelbaum-Petzi-Fondue...
Tom got 25, I'm getting 26 soon, damn soon. So, reason enough to celebrate our birthdays with another gigantic fondue. Thanks everybody for coming and having such a great evening. Maurolito managed to sneak away to avoid that huge pile of dishes. Actually this would have been his job. But well, at least the cheese was cheesy thanks to Ms. Gut from Migros.
BirthdayFondue_2004.zip [145mb] - 3264x2448

17 pictures
IEX 2004 02/05/2004

Hey, what's IEX all about? Internet Expo? No, pls, don't fool me!
IEX_2004.zip [50mb] - 3264x2448

57 pictures
LittleBigCity 02/04/2004-03/03/2004

Zurich - Little Big City.
Here's some shots from Zurich, the place where I'm from and the place I'll love forever. Again, these are some of my first shots with my new Sony F828, so don't expect anything particular. Colors are quite nice, though. There's also some night-shots from the ETH platform. The view over whole Zurich from there is just great! I'm sorry about that woman who got so scared. She though I'm sitting there in the dark with some pumpgun in my hands. Hey, that's just a camera!
LittleBigCity.zip [143mb] - 3264x2448

27 pictures
Trees 02/04/2004-03/03/2004

I just got my new Sony F828, a wonderful blazing fast camera with a great objective. Kind of bulky, though, but picture quality is pretty good.
Here's my favorite tree collection. I love trees! Trees have got a lot to tell you about their lives...
Trees.zip [61mb] - 3264x2448

23 pictures
Fränzi Party 01/30/2004

No description available!
FraenziParty_2004.zip [18mb] - 2048x1536

54 pictures
Powderday @Braunwald 01/29/2004

Actually I didn't plan to go boarding this friday as Ari was not around. But then, when I got up and looked out of the window... I couldn't resist!
Roman Kilchsperger from NRJ Zurich was pissed that he had to talk on the radio instead of getting up to the mountains. Really, that day was just one of those where you had to drop everything and get out of town. Wonderful powder, wonderful sun, no people on the slopes - just a perfect day!
Braunwald_2004.zip [75mb] - 2048x1536

78 pictures
Uetzgi Schlittelfondue 01/27/2004

Zurich's white, all covered by snow! Great! We (Isa, Mäxn, Dominik, me) spent a wonderful evening on mount Uetli, our beloved house mountain. After a wonderful fondue and a full stomach we went sledging down.
SchlittelnUetzgi_2004.zip [94mb] - 2048x1536

123 pictures
Silvester 2003 @Brüggschen 12/30/2003

Kaaaaaaaatz!!!! Kaaaaaaaaaaatääär!
Potz Zweituusig! Ja is denn scho Weihnachten?! ...es hätt na Chääs!
Silvester_2003.zip [147mb] - 2048x1536

149 pictures
Wildhaus & Arosa Snow'n'Fun 2003 12/26/2003-12/29/2003

Jumping over cars in Wildhaus together with Joli&Jasmin and riding down some wonderful powder-hills with Migi in Arosa.
WildhausArosa_2003_1.zip [31mb] Wildhaus - 2048x1536
WildhausArosa_2003_2.zip [145mb] Arosa - 2048x1536
movies Arosa: WildhausArosa_2003.zip [27mb]

57 pictures
X-Mas BoeniParty 2003 12/21/2003

Another year has gone and we all got up to Irchelstreet to celebrate another legendary Böni&Clous X-Mas Party.
The photographer was damn drunk, so sorry about those pics! Anyway, thx Mäxn.
X-Mas_BoeniParty_2003.zip [68mb] - 2048x1536

73 pictures
Dominic Glühwein Birthday 12/17/2003

Why don't we brak(!!) up? - There's nothing left to say - I've got my eyes shut - Praying they won't stray - And we're not SEXED UP - That's what makes the difference today - I hope you blow away!
... Dominic's now a man, he got 26 and he can sing like an angel!
Kondominic_Bday2003.zip [88mb] - 2592x1944

107 pictures
Smart @Klöntaler See 12/05/2003-12/06/2003

It's time to ride a Smart. I was badly in need of a weekend like this. Doing some hiking in the mountains, sleeping outside at -2°C, and making thoughts about...
Smart_Kloental.zip [126mb] - 2592x1944

28 pictures
Isa's Wohnungseinweihung 11/05/2003

Fotos by Isa. Thx for this wonderful evening!
Isa_Wohnungseinweihung.zip [5.7mb] - 1632x1224

159 pictures
Montpellier -> Perpignan -> Collioure 11/01/2003-11/03/2003

Moi de nouveau à Montpellier !
Je ne sais pas quand ça sera la prochaine fois ...
Montpellier_Collioure.zip [190mb] - 2592x1944

69 pictures
Halloween Party '03 10/29/2003-10/30/2003

30 October 2003: Halloween Horror Story#1 @Dominik
Halloween03_Dominik.zip [62mb] - 2592x1944
31 October 2003: Halloween Horror Story#2 @Ninarella
Halloween03_Nina.zip [41mb] - 2592x1944

221 pictures
Camille Montpellier 10/11/2003-10/19/2003

Je t'aime ! ...pour toujours !
Camille_Montpellier.zip [264mb] - 2592x1944

23 pictures
CSL Smart Cabriolet 09/24/2003

This was my birthday present for my sister. We went for a funny ride with the Smart cabriolet from Credit Suisse Leasing. A wonderful evening!
CSL-SMART_2003.zip [27mb] - 2592x1944

52 pictures
Genève 2003 09/14/2003

Un jour magnifique à Genève...
Pourquoi je me suis promené toute seule dans cette ville ce jolie lundi après-midi? Ben, ça c'est une longue histoire!
La vie est belle!
Geneve_2003.zip [61mb] - 2592x1944

124 pictures
Savognin Trails 2003 09/05/2003-09/06/2003

riding the trails of Savognin together with Suvi.
Thanks, Heidi&Ueli for this wonderful apartment!
Savognin_2003.zip [113mb] - 2592x1944

308 pictures
Montpellier 2003 08/09/2003-08/16/2003

Voilà, une semaine de vancances dans le sud de la France.
On a fait du camping pas loin de Montpellier près de Grau du Roi. La plage était magnifique et on a mangé beaucoup de beignets.
Chouou - Beignets - Chichi - Uuuuuu uuuuuu - Chouchou!
Camille est la plus belle vendeuse de popcorn!!
Montpellier_2003_Pipo.zip [269mb] - 2592x1944
NEW: Montpellier_2003_Isa.zip [28mb] - 1632x1224

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