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PIGALLE 0.76-alpha - Overview
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88 pictures
Streetparade_2003 08/08/2003

Zurich's eleventh Streetparade... another ten years of wonderful weather. Guess it will rain again in 2012. Sir Petrus must be a raver.
Streetparade_2003.zip [105mb] - 2592x1944

57 pictures
Fisherman's Friends III 08/02/2003

Another lovely Sunday morning on lago di Zurigo. The fishes ate Suvi's whole bread but then we stroke back at Schanzengraben. Suvi caught two huge fishes. The first one was even bigger but as we are only sports fisherman we let him go again. On the second one we couldn't resist, killed it and put him right into the pan down on Zwingli-Street.

108 pictures
1. Aug 2003 - Isa's Bday 07/31/2003

Celebrating Isa's big O! She got 30 on our National Holiday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Mäxn almost got blown by his huge firework while Dominik had to fight for his lamb chop.
... just another wonderful 1. August, so scheeeeeen!!

145 pictures
Brodwurscht.ch Party 2003 07/25/2003

ZH meets SG! Another Brodwurscht-Party in Bianchi's garden far away from home in Kronbühl, SG.

53 pictures
Letten Picknick 07/24/2003

Celebrating my last exams at Univ! We had a nice pick-nick at Letten and practiced some more handstands.

19 pictures
Picknick am Zürivorne horne! 07/18/2003

Zuerivorn_Picknick.zip [5.9mb] - 1632x1224

94 pictures
Fisherman's Friends I & II 07/12/2003

13 July 2003
Yep, we made it - we got up at 6AM on this lovely Sunday morning!
Suvi and I went fishing on the lake of Zurich. Some Korean tourist was amazed about the huge fishes we caught. Well, not quite, but at least we fished two bikes out of the lake.
Finally Mäxn brought our breakfast! Next time we're going to stick a huge fish in our croissant!
This fishing session is dedicated to our friend, the Russian fisherman with his fish staring, cigarette and silly cap. He was not there today, but hey, one day he'll be back, so watch out!

42 pictures
MovieNight II 2003 - Irchel 06/13/2003

another MovieNight in Strickhof! - 14 June 2003
The huge thunderstorm in the afternoon didn't keep us away from Irchel.
We had a nice barbecue with wonderful salads from my sister Ariane and Natasha. - Thx!
On the program was: "Bend it like Beckham" and "Chat Noir Chat Blanc" (in French. At least we watched half of this funny movie!)
Thanks to everybody for his great help (Beam-Dani, Soundmäx, linen-Isa and linen-Janoshko, and cable junkies)

32 pictures
SalsaLetten 06/05/2003

another night at upper Letten...

57 pictures
Nicci Grillparty 2003 05/23/2003

Celebrating Nicci's diploma and Miro's new home in Schliere.
A wonderful grillparty on a wonderful balcony with wonderful people! Thx a lot for this great Saturday night!
Sorry for all those pics - Sufi didn't want to let me win the flash-war...

87 pictures
Letten 2003 05/22/2003-06/05/2003

Lette, 05/23 - 06/01/2003
It's summertime!!
Upper Letten is still the good old upper Letten, even though they stole half of the recreation area for the trucks filling the Lette tunnel.
But anyway, they don't really seem to work at all and it's still a lovely nice place.

56 pictures
BingoNight @Secondas Festival 05/21/2003

Secondas Bingo International Show - 21st May 2003 live at Tonimolkerei Zurigo
Finally Schlatti goes for another Bingonight!
Schlatti needs a psychologist, Kasperli likes the princess' buttocks and the crowd shouts "Iibürgere!! Es chönnt ja mal en guete Fuessballer geh!!"

bingo_secondo_20030521.mpg [9.3 mb] - Kasperlitheater

86 pictures
Birthday Fondue 2003 03/16/2003

Purzelbaum-pHonTÜ 17th of March 2003

Under the motto "No war - eat cheese" another great birthday fondue party started. We got into the Guiness Book of Records as really noone ever tried to make a fondue for 22 persons. They all enjoyed my 4 year old Jell-O and left behind a huge mess. But, hey, this was one of my best birthday parties!! Thanks to all of you for coming, for your wonderful presents and for the whole atmosphere.
Proscht Chäs!
well, I've just decided to stay a child for another year...

54 pictures
Aia Software (NL) 2003 03/01/2003-03/04/2003

Aia Software, Nijmegen (NL) 2-5 March 2003

Visiting Aia Software in Nijmegen together with Titus and Mauri to talk about the future development of ITP. In some nice Mexican restaurant Mauri and Leon argued about whether Perugia is located north or south of Rome. The Italian guy lost the bet! :)
2 halen 1 betalen!! Danke-ue-well! Aus-em-Lift! - Ischterbitz Oisterhasi... Well, Mauri learned a lot of Dutch.

77 pictures
Flumsi 2003 02/24/2003

Flumserberg - 25 Feb 2003
Enjoying the wonderful sun and the steep hills of Flumsi-mountains. In the afternoon we met cameldriver Ari, Peeet, and Andi!
We showed the locals how to do a kick-grabbing-720-nose-tail-twist-flying-eggroll.

moviezzz: flumsi_2003_pipo.mpg [5.2mb], flumsi_2003_ari.mpg [2.4mb], flumsi_2003_ariII.mpg [3.4mb]

39 pictures
BingoNight_tropical 02/15/2003

Tropical BingoNight with Beat Schlatter - 16th Feb 2002
another Schlatti-BingoNight in Giardino Verde with lots of Palms.
...seit s'Geissli mit de 12karätige Hödeli!

58 pictures
Silvester 2002 12/30/2002-12/31/2002

Silvester 2002/03

Holy macaroni! Happy New Year!!
Celebrating at Maexn's house, cooking some nice chicken with spaetzli. Isa blew off her three old-school table bombs and everyone's mood raised. Even though Isa's table bombs were a whole lot better, we missed the explosion of the famous world's biggest table bomb (hey, where has the table gone? and where did all the chocolate go?!) on Zurich's Limmatquai which made it into the Guiness book.
Happy New Year! In swiss-german we say "Potz 2000!", well it's already 2003, but still we say "Potz 2000!" - damn, who cares, if you don't like it just shout "Potz Blitz!".
The fireworks were just wonderful.
Lateron we made it to Boris' New Year's Eve Party in Cristallo. Dress code was up2u, so Suvi'n me had no troubles with our silly hat.
I wish you all the best for 2003!

122 pictures
X-Mas BoeniParty 2002 12/20/2002

Just another KliKlaKlausio&Böni X-Mas Paaaaarddy!!
Those pictures were lying around for a whole year now and I was never able to open that corrupted Zip-file. Pictures by Schluk, flyer as well - he definitely knows what means design but he can't zip some files. But hey, there's more important things to do in life, e.g. brew your own Zwingli-beer!
X-Mas_BoeniParty_2002.zip [65mb] - 1600x1200

35 pictures
ArtOnIce 2002 11/20/2002

We went ice-skating in Dolder and joined the delicious apéro for UBS employees. Thanks UBS! And thanks, Tom, for those pics.
Fotos by Thomas Bocek, www.bocek.ch / www.nope.ch
ArtOnIce_2002.zip [29mb] - 1600x1200

32 pictures
Jura SuviTripII 2002 10/03/2002-10/04/2002

WAST - What? Another Suvi-Trip?!!!

This was part II of the one and only Jura-Höhenweg-SuviTrip. Half a year ago we were riding our bike to Solothurn. This time we started there (well, not quite... we were cheating... Neuchâtel) and got down to Lausanne. The weather was not on our side, but we didn't give a f.. about that!

93 pictures
SaemiParty 2002 09/27/2002

Saemi-Party @Rennweg 14 - 28 Sept 2002
Saemi in da House! ...with a whole bunch of barrels of finest Hürlimann beer.
Hot pics from strong men with XXX tatoos! Sämi-Niggi-Näggi rulez!

28 pictures
Freestyle.ch 2002 09/26/2002-09/27/2002

Freestyle.ch on the Landiwiese...

120 pictures
CaflischBday 2002 09/14/2002

Cäfe's Birthday, 15th Sept 2002
crazy cows, crazy parrots, and ... crazy CAFLISCH!!!
pictures by lunggi, pipo, and cäfe himself! - digicam flash war!!

85 pictures
MaexBday 2002 09/13/2002

Mäxn's birthday, 14th Sept 2002
© fotos by Lunggi, luongo.org

73 pictures
Letten 2002 09/04/2002-10/25/2002

Letten 2002 - where's my goooooooogles?!!!
Letten... my second home. Well, soon they're going to ruin the whole area with trucks and dust.
Letten-tunnel gets closed down.
Anyway, Letten will stay the greatest place in Zurich for swimming in our lovely river, hanging out for a beer or playing volley!
This place is a real oasis and Zurich definitely must keep it! - lettenareal.ch

107 pictures
Briancon 2002 08/11/2002-08/17/2002

Briançon (F), 12-18 Aug 2002
Vive le VTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
riding down the trails of Briançon mountains...

55 pictures
Streetparade 2002 08/10/2002

11 Aug 2002 - Streetparade Zurich
We're singing in the rain... !! - The first wet Streetparade! 10 years of sunshine and this year we were shaking our legs in the rain. We didn't care about that, Streetparade is always fun!

70 pictures
1. Aug 2002 07/31/2002

1 Aug 2002 - @Irchel
lots of firework and a flash-war against Caflisch

188 pictures
WK2002 Expo02 07/28/2002-08/07/2002

WK2002 - Military Service @Expo.02
military??!! - well, this was more kinda like Expo.02 vacation :)
Though working hard at Murten's hospital... with lots of nice nurses!

42 pictures
IrchelGrill 2002 07/27/2002

Grillparty in famous old Strickhof Garden - 28 July 2002
Caflisch showed his legs, Migi was hanging in the trees and Gionata aka. Joe made some sexy pics...

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