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188 pictures
Pizzacup Forest Transformer Freeride-Race 05/03/2009

Danke euch allen fleissigen Samstags-Buddlern und (Milch-)Bauern. Wow, einen super Trail habt ihr da hingezaubert! Das Rennen war wieder mal ein riesen Erfolg, einfach ein supercooler Event - guckt euch mal all die Strahlegesichter an!
Hat sogar Spass gemacht mit einer kapputten Niere und ohne Rad unter dem Fudi. Danke!

riders... Pizzacup Forest Transformers
(c)by Peenu/Bernhard Suter (DSC_0056-0277, die überbelichteten :)
(c)by Pipo/Philip Iezzi (DSC_2087-2294)

40 pictures
Gurten am Ostermontag 04/13/2009

So, bin zurück aus der Woche im Spital... Nochmals Glück gehabt, meine Niere lebt noch!
Ostermontag am Gurten: Bei einem harmlosen Sturz rammte ich mir den Lenker meines VPfree's in die Niere. Ich Trottel hab's nicht ernst genommen, bin viermal den Gurten runtergefahren und 20mal über den grossen Sprung, bis ich dann zur Vernunft kam, als ich nur noch Blut biselte - ab die Post auf Züri ins Spital!
riders: Frank (Riese Matze, orange), Andi (schwarz), Stefan (rot-weiss), Kika (rot), Pipo (rot), und all die Gurten-Jungs

37 pictures
ASVZ-Ride Lugano 04/05/2009

Biken mit Thomi & Frank auf dem Monte della Croce

83 pictures
Giumaglio 03/17/2009-03/18/2009

Lonely in Giumaglio...

483 pictures
Switchback Riding in Bubión, Spain 03/03/2009-03/10/2009

Singletrack riding with the funny Switch-backs.com guys. Thanks for the great time we spent in Bubión! It was awesome!
Riding on Flowtastic (wow!), Lemmings (with nice steep stony switchbacks), For 6" Only (sorry Dominic!), 48-Stitches (glad we didn't fall), Maple Syrup, Bryan Adams, German Box (= conejo con pelo), Abject Terror, ...
In the evenings Isabel - the Swedish ex model - cheered us up and we spent a great time with "Hänsli" (actually he's called Michael, but "there were a shitload of Michaels", so they called him after his family name Hansley).
Hey Switchbackers, we spent such a great time with you!
Luki: Salud y força al canut... y en la ma perque te la pugas pelar!

riders: Leon, Dominic, Christian, Pipo

39 pictures
Flumsi Schlittelspass 02/08/2009

Moskau, Moskau! Väterchen dein Glas ist leer. Doch im Keller ist noch mehr.
Schlitteln mit Sarojin, Pati, Götti Oli und Celine auf der krassen Flumsi Schlittelpiste.

116 pictures
Lenzerheide mit Nathi & Pati 01/28/2009-02/01/2009

Viel Schnee & Sonnenschein auf der Lenzerheide. Tausend Dank, Nathi, für deine super Gastfreundschaft, für die wunderschöne Wohnung inkl. liebe Mines. Boarden auf dem Stätzerhorn, Essen mit Halbtaxabo, Powdern auf dem Rothorn, Weisshorn & Schwarzhorn, Tiefschnee-Berghochkriechen mit Pati, Schlittschüenlen durch den traumhaften Auenwald auf der Skateline in Surava ("Auf Schlittschuhen durch den Auenwald"). Es war wunderschön!

29 pictures
Pizol - schneller da, länger schön! 01/25/2009

Boarden mit Suvi und C(k)arolina von Furt bis Gaggia.

104 pictures
KSOe 1a Reunion - best class ever! 01/24/2009

Nach 16 Jahren traffen wir uns wieder. Und alle waren noch dieselben... einfach eine sauglatte Klasse, einfach 1a-Qualitätsklasse! Das war ein wunderschöner lustiger Abend mit euch! Danke

40 pictures
Eiskunstlauf mit Domi & Eisbär 01/08/2009

Hollywood on Ice!

30 pictures
Silvester 2008 12/31/2008

ein düsteres Feuerwerk hinter Neben, Wolken und Rauch. Potz 2000! Das hat hübscht geklöpft! Korkenknallen mit Dominic & Mausi.

39 pictures
Gurten MBT-shoes Jumpsession 11/16/2008

Riding the perfectly shaped and cleaned Gurten-Trail. Great thanks to all trail builders! Special thanks to Felix Werder for the great shots.
riders: Sara (official MBT shoe girlie), Frank (aka. Riese Matze), Pipo (me and I)

96 pictures
Ex-Bikedays Dirtpark Session 11/08/2008

Ripping the Ex-Bikedays Dirtpark in Opfikon.
riders: Leon (with a wounded knee), Suvi (with a wounded knee), Patrick, Stef, Pipo, and some crazy dirt park kiddies

91 pictures
Dirtpark Zollikon Jumpsession 10/26/2008

The dirtpark in Zollikon is a great spot to practice your flying skills, even for non-dirt-bikers. We couldn't find any pictures or youtubes of that dirtpark, so we just went there and checked it out on a wonderful sunny day in autumn.
There are great dirt lines for everybody! Even for Suvi :)
riders: Suvi, Patrick, Pipo

313 pictures
Amsterdam & Duinen van Texel 10/05/2008-10/08/2008

my lonely days in the Netherlands

31 pictures
Ride The Day 2008 09/27/2008

Ride The Day in Davos
A freeride/enduro race on Parsenn mountain. We got lost on the race course, had tons of flats, and Stef crashed on the creek gap. Un unlucky but just great day of riding.
riders: Guido, Thomas, Stef, Pipo, and ... oups, what were their names again?

15 pictures
Ausstellung "Gefangene Kunst" 09/24/2008

visiting "Gefangene Kunst" in Zähringer together with free artist John

32 pictures
Züriberg Jump Session 09/20/2008

Back home in Zurich! Small jump session at Züriberg - some nice kickers, some unsharp shots & lots of fun!
riders: Robin, Stefan, Kika, Pipo

148 pictures
Tobi & Pipo in Vancouver 09/05/2008-09/06/2008

Tourist-tour to Van city. Hiking up to Grouse Mountain in 44 minutes, stripping on Wreck Beach, looking out of Vancouver's Lookout, shooting cars with bubbles of our bubble tea from the Chinese Night Market, shopping tour to all bikes stores in North Vancouver, spending the rest of our money in MEC.

308 pictures
Back in Whistler Bike Park 09/01/2008-09/10/2008

Back in home sweet home Whistler. Karaokeing with Lili, Anne, Sausage-Roll & Tobi. Riding the park with Tobi... Finally here are some shots of our riding skills. Perfect conditions in the park, no dust, sunshine, no people, fun!

649 pictures
US Road Trip to Yellowstone with Lili 08/23/2008-08/30/2008

A road trip with Lili from Seattle to Mount Rainier & Yellowstone National Park. We spent a wonderful week together, crashing anywhere next to the road, meeting a whole bunch of wonderful people. The scenery we saw in Yellowstone National Park was simply awsome! Taking a bath in a natural hot tub with the clearest starlight and yowling wolves around us... I won't forget any single second of that nice time I spent with you, Lili!

343 pictures
Marianatrip - Silver Star & Sun Peaks 08/17/2008-08/22/2008

Ripping the trails of Silver Star (near Vernon, BC) & Sun Peaks (Kamloops, BC) was our idea. But then we couldn't resist jumping into every lake on our way to Vernon. There are so many wonderful lakes in BC! Silver Star's bike park is great! Some trails are even way better than anything in Whistler. Ripping down World Cup DH, Double Dog, Flow, Pipe Dream (a real dream!), and Rockstar. Shitty weather but a whole lot of fun with Mariana!

107 pictures
Even more Whistler pics 08/11/2008-08/16/2008

Whistler, a quirky small drinking village with a big skiing problem
or whatever!

263 pictures
Crankworx 2008 08/09/2008-08/16/2008

Some great shots of Kokanee Crankworx 2008

Sat, Aug 9th: Dual Slalom (Boneyard slopestyle park)
Wed, Aug 13th: Jim Bean Air DH (A-line)
Thu, Aug 14th: VW Trick Showdown (Boneyard slopestyle park)
... check this out! Greg Watts flipwhip off a drop was just nuts! watch movie
Sat, Aug 16th: Monster Energy Slopestyle (Boneyard slopestyle park)
... a double backflip and another flipwhip of Greg Watts! Sick dudes!

196 pictures
Another Whistler Foto Album 07/26/2008-08/09/2008

Tom Petty is rocking the Pemberton Music Festival ...
Back on "A River Runs Through It" trail ...
Movie night at Lost Lake ...
Whistler being cut off the rest of the world due to a huge rock slide on Sea-to-Sky highway 99 ...
Wonderful dinner @Lili's place in Emeralds with automated smile shutter photo shooting,...
Great park riding with Jean & Mariana ...
Top-to-bottom DH from the peak of Whistler mountain together with Dom, Pascale, and Petr ...
Sushi dinner @Esquire's with lovely Lili (Liba Liushka) and Miro's kids...
Ripping A-line with Vincent ...
Riz Casimir @our place in staff housing ...

336 pictures
Tofino, Vancouver Island 07/20/2008-07/25/2008

Tofino's a wonderful spot on Vancouver Island's west coast. I hitchhiked over there, slept on Tonquin Park & Cox Bay beach and saw some of the nicest sunsets I have ever seen. On the ocean, we saw orcas (killer wales), grey wales and otters. That was a wonderful trip!

58 pictures
Whistler-Blackcomb 07/19/2008-07/21/2008

Some more Whistler pictures. Getting up to the glaciers on Blackcomb Mountain, meeting Blackcomb's best bus driver Johnny, relaxing on Lost Lake,...

50 pictures
Whistler Slopestyle 07/17/2008-07/18/2008

Photo session with Swiss rider Arnaud in Boneyard slopestyle park. He's a great rider. I'm out. I'm lucky my elbow is not broken, but still, I'm out for a week. Last Wednesday I crashed on Schleyer and twisted my arm. We met Richie Schley at the after-Loonie-race-party and I gave him a punch for that.
Checkout my Whistler Blog

45 pictures
Back to Whistler 07/13/2008-07/16/2008

Back to Whistler again! I'm ready again for some park riding after hanging around at Lost Lake. Jake has gone back to Maui but Arnaud is still here - a great young rider from Geneva.
Together with Anne I got that apartment in Upper Village, right at Base II on Blackcomb. We are living in those staff housings, a 2bdrm apartment with living room, kitchen, TV, wireless internet access - just everything we need or don't need for less than half of the price we paid in the hostel.
Checkout my Whistler Blog

201 pictures
Vancouver 07/10/2008-07/12/2008

Relaxing in Vancouver after I fell off Freight Train in Whistler's bike park. Enjoying the wonderful beaches, Stanley Park and its wildlife in Vancouver. I definitely needed those 3 days out. Vancouver is a wonderful city!
Checkout my Whistler Blog

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